Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The primal scream...

Friday, this Momma let out a big primal scream. The kids were all going crazy at once, I would say no, they would do it anyway, Josiah gave bubbles to Melina again (even though literally 5 seconds earlier I took them away and told them that we don't do that in the house and we'd do them outside in a little bit) and while I was trying to go get them they wound up being thrown, went all over my couch, splashed off and wound up going all over the recliner with Tracie in it too. Emma's going through a huge phase where she wants to talk like a baby, doesn't want to listen, and encourages Melina to do bad things. Josiah's whining and throwing fits and rages all over everything, having accidents, not happy about...STUPID stuff. Not once in awhile...more like every 5 minutes. Anyway, the minute those bubbles went all over all I could do was let out this primal scream. I knew we needed to leave the house and so we went to the park to burn off some energy and to gain a new perspective. All last week, with the expection of Thursday, was nuts. Dealing with nothing but misbehaving. Andy about went crazy with them just during dinner time every night. All I kept saying was try having them over 12 hours a day before getting a break. It's been a little hectic...I know it's the full moon. It can be overtime now. They're beautiful, but boy does it wreak havoc on my kids. Today, we left the house in hopes of not dealing with so many behavior problems. It was hectic, but it semi-worked. We went to the bakery and got gluten-free cupcakes as a treat, went shopping for a 4th of July outfit for Deidra, went and played at the dinosaur park, and then the whining started from Josiah that he was hot and sweaty and he needed to eat and he wanted breadsticks from the italian restaurant. We stopped in one more store and he started running up and down the aisles and just as I was scolding him, he tripped and fell. I told him that natural consequences are God's ways of helping Mom's. That's why we don't run in the stores. Turned around and couldn't find Melina and just about had a heart attack. She went in the middle of the clothes rack to play hide and seek and pulled the clothes around her. I almost started to cry. Thankfully, Emma noticed her little feet sticking out. We left and Josiah started really whining that he was hot and hungry and he wanted to eat at the restaurant. I told him that we'd go home and eat lunch and the drama got even worse. We got to the van and got everyone in he kept whining and whining. Finally got home, got some mac and cheese made and the kids fed...didn't even get a chance to eat myself and he was whining that he needed something else. I asked him to sit and wait patiently. I got a call from my Dad saying that his U-Haul payment was overdue. I said that's not possible as we set it up as automatic payment and he has the money in the acct. He asked me to call for him. It wasn't what I wanted to deal with, but I did it for him trying to be the good daughter. They were supposed to have a manager call me to take an e-check payment as I couldn't even give them my card since my brother has it. My Dad wound up calling and he got all mad that they were going to charge him the late fee and started telling me how tired he is of bills and late payments when he's over 1000 miles away and how he felt like just blowing his head off and not dealing with it all anymore. I told him that obviously I take care of his bills and I get them paid on time. He says wherever he turns people want money from him. He got involved in an international dating scam over the last year and wouldn't listen to me when I kept telling him it was a scam. Finally, I was able to pull up some more info last month and he got looking at something I showed him and he finally believes me now. I won't go into great detail about what all happened as that's his business. But, I just felt like he takes out his problems on me sometimes. I could sit and cry. Anyway, to make a long story short, they got the problem taken care of with the late bill. Dad was mad about them still charging the late fee and semi-apologized for being a grouch. I no sooner hang up with that, Josiah starts in on the tantruming again. Deidra's friend had come over to ask if she could hang out for awhile, he wanted to go for a bike ride and I told him that we'd do that later when it wasn't quite so hot outside. Deidra left with her friend and he started throwing a fit that he couldn't go on a walk with them. I told him that they weren't going for a walk, they were going to her friend's house. He threw something at me. I picked him up and he wanted to throw himself backwards so I put him up against the couch and told him in a very firm voice that we do NOT throw things at me just because he's not getting his way. Then, he decided to up the drama and started screaming that I was about to break his arm. I had a hold of his arm to keep him from running off, but I wasn't in any way shape or form about to break his arm. I finally told him, you hurt someone, you go up in your room. I give him 15 minutes and he'll be asleep. I get downstairs and Emma's making Melina scream left and right...they think it's funny to lay down flat, make her sit on their chest or face. I don't find it appropriate and I keep telling them to have her sit next to them. She kept talking baby talk and telling Melina that she smelled like poo poo and Mommy needed to change her. I finally got to the bottom of the stairs and took her to change her diaper and there's no poop in there. I wound up sending Emma to her room. Then, Tracie starts yelling at me to change the channel. I asked her if that's how we ask. She started pouting. I told her if she wanted to pout, she was welcome to go to her room or she could use her big girl words and ask nicely. Thankfully, she chose to use her big girl words. Melina started throwing a fit about something. I scooped her up, grabbed her blanket, got her a bottle and deposited her in her crib. Josiah's yelling at me from his room that I never let them do anything. I told him that we do stuff all of the time, the problem with him is that anytime he has to wait even a minute for something or he can't get his way or what he wants, that's a problem for him. I came back downstairs to try to clean up lunch and I just feel like letting that primal scream come out again. However, I practiced some self-control and I didn't. I just told Tracie to sit nicely and give me some time to myself as Mommy needed some time to herself. So, here I sit. God please help me to be more patient, help the kids settle down somewhat, and want to be more well-behaved. They can do it. I know they can. Give my Dad some peace about things. Please let Andy be able to leave a little early from work today too.

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