Sunday, June 24, 2012


I took Deidra and Emily to see Brave. I thought it was a good movie. The gist of it is that Merida doesn't want the same path for her life that her parents want for her, so she goes and seeks a spell from a witch that will change her Mom (the Queen's) mind. The spell winds up turning her Mom into a Bear. Merida protects her Mom and tries to get the others not to hurt her. The fighting scenes are a little intense and I was worried about how Emily was going to do with it, but she said that she wasn't that scared and she handled it fine. It showed that the fiesty Merida was very brave to deal with it all too. I thought the movie was good, Deidra thought it was her new favorite movie. It was the first movie that I've taken Emily to go see at the movie theater. She sat very well and I was pretty impressed. She saw the Lorax at the movie theater when she went with her friend during a birthday party and they said she did pretty good. I think I'll be taking her to see a lot more movies now. :-)

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