Thursday, June 21, 2012

Swim Lessons...

All the kids did great in swim lessons today. They've made SO much progress since Monday. Monday they were all a bit scared about them. The teacher we are using is awesome with the kids. Today, Josiah swam almost all the way across the pool, Emily swam almost over half the way across, Tracie's still trying to figure out that she's got to move her feet but she's almost there, and Melina didn't cry at all today, but Mommy had to be right by her on the side of the pool or she'd get scared. Her stranger anxiety is in full effect. She did manage to step off the step into the pool, but Grampy had quick reflexes and pulled her right back up before she had a chance to go under. I'm SO proud of them! I've gotta bring the camera with me tomorrow so I can document the progress. We're definitely going back next year!

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