Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hate insurance stuff..

It's too expensive for me to go on Andy's health insurance so the kids and him are on his and I have my own...well it's technically not a real insurance plan since they won't cover me due to my high blood pressure and diabetes. Anyway, I have an indemnity plan. It only covers 6 doctor visits a year and 1 well-exam. It covers so many days in the hospital. Ironically, all my maternity care was covered...they say it's because it's billed globally, whatever that means. Anyway, due to this lovely leg injury and other stuff the NP made me keep going back in for regarding my diabetes I'm now out of doc visits for the year. I fell on my knee and sprained it at the end of March, I developed a hematoma in April and had to go back in to the ER. I got a letter in the mail saying they needed more information from me or I'd be responsible for paying the whole bill. I called the insurance company...they only cover the initial visit regarding an injury...so the hematoma bill is all my responsibility. I called the hospital and they gave me a 35% discount since I'd have to self-pay the whole thing and now we get to pay about $800. Oh what fun it is to be a grown up!

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