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I'm so tired of Josiah having accidents...when we had Melina it set him back and he started having accidents at night. That I could understand and we worked with him on it. He overcame it within about 6 months. Andy's Mom came to live with us...he started having accidents at night again. After a couple of months, we put him back in a pull-up at night and he was dry every night. It was a control issue, I strongly think as does our attachment therapist. My Dad came to visit last week and wouldn't you know that ever since then, he's been having accident after accident. He can be standing right in front of the toilet and he'll pee all over himself and not even make the effort to take his clothes down to go. So frustrating! Anyway, today I went to give him his pills after he had been up for about a half an hour and I noticed that he smelled like pee. He never said anything, never asked for dry clothes...nothing. I told him today that we're going to the store to buy him some pull-ups and I'm strongly thinking about making him pay for them himself. He is fully capable of getting himself to the bathroom when he has to go...even at night. I'm just frustrated! I'm trying to keep that from him though so it doesn't happen even more. UGH!

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Blogger Diana said...

This is an issue we still deal with as well. I do not like pee. No, I do not. For both it's about stress and overwhelm. One does it deliberately during the day only...and just enough to wet his underwear, not his pants. It's very often a manipulative thing as well.

For one of them, the night time thing ONLY happens at home, even though he's WAY old enough for it not to. I don't think it's so much of a control thing as I do a trauma thing. He doesn't sleep as well when he's not home and doesn't have as many nightmares/flashbacks. I think this is really when they happen.

Either way, the lack of concern on their parts about it drives me bonkers. It doesn't even phase them. I really don't think one of my kids even knows they pee on themselves, especially if they are stressed or dissociated. I do know, though, that the more I make a big deal about it, the more it shames them or encourages the behavior.

Try the male specific bladder control pads. They're made for adult men. They are are lot cheaper than pull ups and do a pretty good job.

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