Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some prayer requests...

Lord, I am so thankful for a 4-day weekend with Andy. It was nice to have some time with him and spend time together. I pray that You will provide this apartment this week for my Mother-in-Law. I think it will do all of us some good to get her in her own place. I think it will give her her own dignity and it will give us a chance to get our own family going in the right direction again. I pray that You will continue to bless and show favor to our businesses and increase our sales. I pray that You will help us find where this attitude is coming from Deidra and that You reveal Yourself to her more and more. I pray for blessings over all of our family. Also, real quick as Melina just woke up...but please continue to speak to my heart about the book that I'd like to try my hand at writing with Your Holy Spirit's guidance. Also, please bless the kids at school today. Amen

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