Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just down in the dumps...

Emily came home sick today from school...I had to miss Deidra's talent show that I had Melina and Tracie all excited to go to. I was bummed that I wasn't going to be able to watch Deidra sing her duet. She sang Magic today with a friend. Anyway, we got home and were getting out of the van and Tracie freaked out as I was pulling Melina out and started screaming and trying to cling onto me so hard that she almost knocked me over. I couldn't figure out what was going on and as I turned around I saw that 2 big dogs were behind us. They weren't doing anything, but standing in our yard. I got kinda upset as I'm still not over my knee sprain and I didn't need to get knocked over. I finally got her in the house, but I was just really frustrated. I don't know how many times I've asked her not to yell and run when she sees a dog as it only makes it worse. Anyway, we got in the house and I got Emmy in the shower. She was doing fine. I think she got sick because she refused to eat her dinner last night and when she doesn't eat like that, she makes herself sick sometimes. However, she barfed all over in her backpack at school and so I went and brought her home. She was mad at me that after I got her all washed up and new clothes on that I had her go lay in her bed. She begged me for a couple of hours to come downstairs. She was mad that I wouldn't give her a snack. I gave her some soda to drink (about 2 oz) and told her we had to see how that settled in her tummy. That stayed down and so after we got Tracie to school, she asked for a cheeseburger. I got her a small one and a banana and she ate and started bouncing off the walls. She's been a bit crazy this afternoon. Once, the other kids got home from school, more chaos happened. Tracie can't think for herself of what to play with and she literally goes around and takes stuff that the others are playing with and they all start screaming and then she cries and cries because she has to give it back. Josiah pinched Melina with her pacifier clip because he can't leave his hands out of stuff either and her poor little neck was all red. I wound up having to put them all in their rooms and even tried to get Melina to lay down and Emily had to start yelling down the stairs that she wanted Reggie (Grandma's dog) to come play with them and it got Melina screaming when she was trying to nap. I'm down in the dumps...I need to pull myself out of it. Part of it is that I'm really tired of dealing with this knee injury....I had to chase Josiah out of Deidra's room and into his own room and I wound up twisting it again. It's these little setbacks that are getting to me. I honestly thought I'd be over this by now. I just need to pray and give it to God and let Him carry me through. I can do this! I have to say if I'm going to be completely honest that I'm not looking forward to the first couple of weeks of summer vacation to get them on the routine of summer. However, I will keep carrying on and God will help me!

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