Friday, April 20, 2012

The zoo

Well, Andy took the day off so that we could go to the zoo with Josiah's class. I was moving around ok. We got to the zoo to find out that the field trip had been cancelled due to a miscommunication with the bus garage. We decided since we had Melina and Tracie and we were already there, that we'd just go ahead and go. Some very nice lady got us in with her zoo membership, so we just had to pay for Andy's ticket and even that was discounted. We went and saw some lemurs (they were making weird noises and play fighting), the lions, the penguins, the elephants, and we went and fed and petted the giraffes. That was SO cool. Melina loved it and so did Tracie. The rain came after that, so we hid in the tunnel for a little bit and then we saw that heavy rain was on it's way so we decided to leave. Tracie decided that she wanted to go to school afterall and we were going to go try to have lunch with Josiah at school, but it was too late. We dropped Tracie off at school and then headed to Pizza Inn for their buffet. Andy said something to me about the hours as we were walking up there and I focused on the sign instead of the ground and wound up tripping and falling right on my bad knee. UGH! Thankfully it didn't seem to reinjure it and for that I am thankful!


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