Friday, April 06, 2012

Back to basics...

I was reading Hints on Child-Training by Clay Trumbell the other day and I've been praying over each chapter. God spoke to me that my children have some issues with basic things. I don't expect much from them. But, it's always a struggle. I decided that for the month of April we were going to get back to basics and they would get points for each thing that they remembered to do on their own and their allowance is going to be tied to that this month. My 23 month old is beating all of them, but I'm hoping too that it will make them see that they can do more without it being such a struggle. These are the 7 things that we are working on this month:

Eating breakfast in 20 minutes.

Getting dressed in 5 minutes (just the clothes on and off)

Morning chore


Pick-up Time (15-20 minutes to clean up the living room and the play room)

Eating Dinner in 30 minutes.

Ready for Bed (teeth brushed, jammies on, and our bedrooms picked up)

I know that they can do it if they want to, but I'm tired of having to harp on them all of the time to do it. So, hopefully this will be an incentive and it will get things moving in a more positive direction. They are 11, almost 7, almost 6, and 5 1/2 and 23 months. I know that they are capable. However, they have a choice to make every day on whether they're going to do it or not and I just need to remember that their points are their own free will and if they don't earn their full allowance then that is their choice and they will have the consequences for that. Their choices...not mine. ;-)

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