Friday, March 23, 2012

Tracie and OT

I got a copy of her 6 month re-evaluation. She's still scoring as low as 36 months and as high as 4 years and 2 months. She's 5 1/2 this month. Today, she really struggled with therapy with not wanting to listen, couldn't focus, giggling about everything. The therapist said she's finally starting to see some of the stuff that me and Joannie told her about her originally, but it's taken this much time. I told her that Andy and I can see plain as day when she's playing her games, but others just think she's being cute or funny. Drives me crazy. One day, I really hope that we can be done with therapy. I am glad that she's done with speech so that we can just focus on OT for now. I am happy about that. But, I really would like to be done with therapy so that we can move on to other kid activities and just let them be kids. It gets frustrating for me. However, I have to accept things for what they are and we will keep doing OT and hanging in there. She is making progress, it's just slow. And it bugs me too that last 6 months, she was still testing at 36 months in some areas. I'm thankful though that she is making some progress. I think some of it is just her will...she doesn't care to do it or if she can do it and some of it is that she'd rather play the part of the baby...she wants everyone to do everything for her or she cries and I'm mean...she cries, she goes to her room. She's got to find the will to learn to do things for herself. Melina runs to do some things that I ask Tracie to do. That would drive me crazy to see my baby sister doing things that I can't do yet, but I know that they don't think that way. Anyway, we'll keep plugging away.

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