Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Trip to Disney

was absolutely wonderful! We loved the house that we stayed in too. So much room! It was a lot bigger than we thought it was going to be. Andy and I got a bedroom to ourselves for the first time in almost 2 years. It was nice to have the privacy. Not that I'm complaining that Melina sleeps in our room still. I know that soon enough, she'll be in another room and I will miss having her in our room. Anyway, the kids all loved the house too (and the pool too, although the water was freezing cold). Monday and Tuesday, we spent at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Wednesday, we went to the Animal Kingdom. Thursday, we spent at Hollywood Studios and Friday, we had lunch in Downtown Disney before we hopped back on the road for home. We got home late Saturday night and spent Sunday resting before the return of work and school come Monday morning. It was so nice to have a week to our own immediate little family. It wasn't anymore relaxing, but the kids were calmer, better behaved, Andy and I had time to ourselves at night, and Deidra didn't have near the attitude that she's had lately. Of course, once we got home and the kids saw my Mother-in-Law, the games all started again. I'm having to work hard on my attitude as we're all more than ready to have our own house back again. Hopefully, it won't be much longer. I just need to hang on. However, the week away was wonderful and we were all really happy and enjoyed having fun together. It was a very much needed trip and we made a bunch of magical memories. It was nice to come home to a clean house as Father-in_law cleaned for us and my Mother-in-Law cleaned the little bathrooms and the refrigerator for us too.

The kids favorite rides...
Deidra--Animal Kingdom was her favorite park and she loved the animal safari
Josiah--he loved the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios
Emma--she loved the Pooh ride at Magic Kingdom
Tracie--she loved the Dumbo ride at Magic Kingdom and we got to ride it on Grand Opening day of a brand new ride
Melina--she loved to ride her "neigh" on the carousel although that was her first ride and she got scared at first until Deidra came and hopped on her horse with her. By the end of it, she was asking to go again and whenever we saw the carousel she would ask to ride it. However, her very favorite thing was at Epcot on the Nemo ride. She loved that aquarium when we got off the ride. She has a pop-up book that she loves to look at of all the water animals and she was thrilled to see them in person. She was saying "wow" at the dolphins and she'd scream when she saw the shark and put her hands up by her face like she does when she looks at her book. I wish I would have thought to get her on video. So cute! She'd see the sea horses and say "neigh" it was too cute.

It was a lot of fun! We are so grateful that we got to go. Thank you, Abba, for keeping us all safe and protected while we were gone too. Amen.

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