Sunday, February 26, 2012

Catholicism, Politics, and Pro-Life...

Today, at the end of Mass, our priest told us that we needed to take a stand as Catholics and write to our Congressman about this push for making us go against our religions and offer contraceptives and abortions as part of our health-care. Obviously that goes against our religious beliefs as a Catholic. Anyway, he said that if a Catholic priest makes a mistake it's on the front page of the newspaper, yet he is tired of seeing Obama push all this stuff out there and sending out the message that it's ok to do whatever you want. He made the comment that nowadays a teen isn't "in" unless they're having sex. He talked about how women have come to confession and they say they want to be forgiven because they've just had an abortion. He said a lot of times these are women who he's never had come to confession before and he can't help but think that they didn't come before because they knew it was wrong. My eyes brimmed with tears...abortion has always been a sensitive topic for me even when we would debate about it in high school. I've always loved babies...I just don't understand how someone can make that decision and take a life. A baby is murder someone and someone has a chance at self-defense at least, but that precious little life obviously can't defend themselves. It's always broken my heart to hear about life being talked about like that...oh, it's just a blob of cells. Well, it's's a precious human life. That baby deserves a chance. Anyway, the priest made a comment that he's really praying that Obama doesn't get another term as he's tired of all the changes that are being made and that Obama just feels that you should be able to do whatever you want. Well, at what cost? Most of the church broke out in applause. Those in our parish who did vote for Obama...I'm hoping that they realize now what they have been a part of and will not make the same mistake twice. I will spend part of this week writing my e-mails and letters to Congress to let them know that I am pro-life and that I am upset at the changes that Obama is trying to make. I do not think it's right to make us Catholics (or even others that are pro-life) to support contraceptive use and abortions.

Andy and I for the most part have never been big users of contraceptives. Obviously, we had pretty much given up hope that we'd get pregnant again too as we had tried for years for another baby with no success, and then came along Melina, and what a blessing she is. :-) We had a discussion after she was born that we were going to stay open to life. I've been reading a lot on the Church's stance against contraception use, but it wasn't until I was listening to Mass on tv a couple weeks ago and the priest was explaining something that I began to understand a little more. He went on to explain that the church is the bridegroom of Christ. Christ gives everything of Himself and we should in turn do the same seeing intimacy with Christ and it should be a give/receive relationship fully without any barrier. He explained that it should be that way as well between a wife and a husband. You can't give FULLY of yourself, if there's a barrier in the way and you're blocking blessings. You can only be FULLY intimate and experience that passion that Christ intends for your marriage if there's no barrier. I'm not explaining it all that well, but when I heard how the priest was explaining it, it was like a lightbulb began to go off in my head a little more. I am beginning to understand it more and more. Obviously, you have to trust too in your relationship not only with your spouse but with Christ too. He does know what's best for us and He will give us all the graces that we need if we stay open to His blessings.

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