Thursday, February 16, 2012

What an answered prayer...

We had been trying to get some neuropsych work-ups done based on something our attachment therapist had wanted us to do with another dr. she knew. We found out that he didn't take our insurance, but he was really helpful and didn't want the cost to stand in the way and said we'd work something out. He asked for a list of difficulties that the kids were having problems with. I sent him a rather lengthy email and he met with our attachment therapist. He wrote me back today and said that he's going to do the 3 of them for free and we'd schedule a Saturday appt. What an answered prayer! I can't wait to find out what the results are! Maybe now we'll finally find out if they are capable of learning certain things, or if they're just choosing not to do certain things, and how to help them in the best way possible.

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