Wednesday, February 15, 2012

School Problems

I came home from running to the store, called Andy to let him know that our tickets to Disney came in the mail and checked my email to see that they were having some problems with Josiah today. Call waiting interrupted and I saw that it was the school and so I told Andy that I had to take it. I was surprised to find Emma's teacher on the line. She too was giving her teacher fits at school today and has been very busy since last week. Not wanting to stay in her seat, not doing her work, roaming around the classroom, being bossy, having a real attitude. I told her that I'd been seeing that at home lately too and was going to talk to her about it at the party yesterday, but they had a substitute and I couldn't. I wound up calling the pediatrician to ask if she could go up on her Vyvanse dose and they are going to do that for us. Hopefully, that will help the problems. Then, I wound up getting a call from the principal's office saying that Josiah is in re-focus for the rest of today and all day tomorrow. She had just told me yesterday too that his behavior had gotten so much better and now this. They do finally want documentation saying that he has RAD though so that they can put him on 504 status at school. So, I just contacted the dr. to see if she could provide me with something in writing saying that he did indeed have RAD so we can get him some services going. I wish they could have done this in the beginning of the year. I am their Mom though and I will advocate for them all that I need to.

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