Thursday, February 16, 2012

The school meeting...

went well. I first got called to go in to talk to the principals about Josiah. Apparently, he dumped a chair over and kicked it across the room this morning because he was mad. They went down and talked with him and put him at a desk all by himself and told him he had to stay there. They said if he found re-focus to be funny (He was all proud that he made it to blue and got to go to re-focus) that they'd just isolate him from the class and see how that goes. They also wanted me to know that they appreciated all the work that I try to do with my children and that we had an open-door communication with them and they appreciated that. They know I'm trying and that I support the teachers and they know what I'm trying to accomplish even at home.

Then, i went and met with Emily's teacher, reading intervention specialist, and the guidance counselor. They were proud to tell me that she tested again yesterday and is now reading at a level 10. She started the year at a level 4. Right after Christmas break, she had moved to a 6 and now she's at a 10. She needs to reach a level 18 by the end of the year. I asked if this meant that maybe she could pass. Her teacher didn't wnat to commit to anything and said it would depend on how hard Emily continued to work, but she did say that she is really struggling with math. I knew this too. We also talked about the fact that I wanted her tested for dyslexia with some of the things that she's been doing. I guess they had originally been talking about if that could be a possibility before they even got my letter asking about that. So, they're going to see about doing some dyslexia observation paperwork to bring in front of the dyslexia board. They're also going to get her some more math intervention. Her teacher said that maybe she shouldn't say anything, but that if she got a special education referral for anything down the road, she can see it being with math. She's not there yet, but we'll just keep working. The guidance counselor did mention too that she's nervous about asking for testing now because she was afraid they'd come back and bring up her attention span with the ADHD and say that her difficulties were just due to that and if they test her anyway and she comes back on the border anything, they have to wait for 3 years before they can test her again. She wanted to know if I had any way to get her to Scottish Rite for testing as they do it for free and she said that they'd get some paperwork going at school for testing, but this way if I got something outside the school done I can always bring them the results and they're still an option to do school testing in another year or so. She's getting me a packet to submit with the Scottish Rite paperwork and hopefully we can get her tested soon.

We also talked about Josiah. She said that she really just wnated to get him on 504 and get some behavioral help services going for him at school and she was going to look at some books on RAD that she had in her office and see if she could come up with some strategies to help the teachers and the principals in how they interact with him. I got the documentation from the Dr today from teh school so I forwarded that on to her. It was a really good meeting.

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