Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sprained the Knee

Andy and his Dad went to an advanced weather spotting class and my plan was to stay home with the kids, get the house cleaned up with their help, and then we were going to go get some stuff to do some spring crafts and decorate the mantle (I'm embarrassed to say it's still decorated with the nativity scene and snowmen). Anyway, 15 minutes after Andy and his Dad left, I was getting the kids dressed and turned around from setting the timer on the microwave (they get 5 minutes to get dressed or it turns into a 20-30 minute session with them dawdling) and slipped on a baby wipe and fell. I heard something pop and I've never howled so badly in my life. Once I got over howling and sat on the floor, I realized that it hurt too badly to move. I texted my friend sicne she's an ER nurse and told her what happened. My knee was already swelling pretty badly. I wondered if I had tore something or popped my knee cap out of place. She told me to ice it for a couple of hours and take some motrin and if it wasn't better in a couple of hours to go in to have it looked at as I would need a knee immobilizer. I tried to move, but it hurt too badly, so I had the kids gather stuff for me. I was still sobbing like a baby but I knew that I had to call Andy somehow to let him know what happened. They could barely understand me. I got my Mom to come over so that they could finish their class and she thought I was goign to have to call the paramedics to get me off the floor. With my lovely insurance, I didn't want to deal with that bill, so I declined it. When I had to go to the bathroom badly and couldn't hold it, I made myself get up although I was swearing and crying (not like me at all) the whole time. I wound up having to pee in a pot. How embarrasssing, but I couldn't walk to the bathroom. My Mom took care of the kids and made them lunch and Andy took me to the ER when he got home and Mom stayed with the kids. They said it was just a sprain and I got the knee immobilizer and they sent me home with 2 pain meds and an anti-inflammatory. They told me the more I stayed off of it, the faster I'd heal. Andy stayed home with me on Monday as I wasn't comfortable telling my in-laws to help me in the bathroom and I couldn't do much for myself. My MIL and FIL took turns running Tracie to and from school for me as since it's my right knee I can't drive. Getting out of the van to go to the ER was hard enough and I'm not in a hurry to do it again anyway. So, I've had to have some help and I've had to do more than what I've wanted to do with chasing after kids too. I'm grateful to have help, I just don't think anyone realizes the amount of pain that I've been in and maybe I'm partial because he is my hubby, but he's taken the best care of me. Please bless him, Abba, he's been under lots of stress this week with things going on at work, juggling the kids, and having to take care of me too. I know it's been frustrating for him at times. But, I love my hubby and I'm grateful.

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