Tuesday, April 17, 2012


She is such a joy! She is one smart little baby. She insisted on taking Deidra's science book (it wasn't her school one...it was just a science book that we got at the $1 store back when we went to Flordia that we put in her busy basket) to bed with her during nap time. Little stinker already knows what all of the pictures are of. Not bad for only being 23 months old. She is becoming quite obsessed with her animals too...she knows the chicken, duck, horse, sheep, goat, cow, snake, skunk, zebra, camel, llama, octopus, turtle, bunny, dog, pig, cat, frog, fish, spider, cricket, grasshopper, butterfly, bee, dolphin, shark, eel, and all the sounds and things that they do as well. I'm sure that I've forgotten some....she is a little fiend when it comes to animals. She has a bug book that she looks at all of the time too. She has a love of books and has to master everything in the books. She is SO smart!

She also loves to be Mommy's helper. She has her own routine in the morning...she gets up, we change her diaper, she eats her breakfast and then she feeds the dog, has to do the recyclables, water the tomato plants, and unloads the dishwasher and then she'll help hand me what's in the dryer so I can fold it and then she comes with me to put it away. Anything I do during the day, she's gotta be right there and she's learned how to do it. She loves to clean and I laugh at what she gets so persistant on...she just may be a little neat freak yet. She's adorable though and I love her helpful spirit. She thinks it's funny that she remembers to do her sisters and brother's chores when they forget. She's even willingly going to sit on the potty and will tell me when she wants to go. She's pooped on the potty twice in one day all on her own. So proud of her!!

She also has learned the color yellow. She'll say "yellow" and point. Such a smart girl!



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