Friday, June 01, 2012


I'm learning more and more that my littles do not handle visitors well. My Dad came into town on Thursday and Friday and my kids were all hyper and out-of-control, swarming him left and right, and refusing to listen. Josiah had an accident for 2 days in a row as well. When Andy's Mom moved in with us, he struggled with accidents for months. It's one of those things, that I can't very well tell people that they can't come over, and my kids need to have the privilege of having friends over to play and so forth too, but I'm really learning that when we have visitors it's a time of more stress for me. They just become so unregulated so easily. When the visitors leave, it's back to being calm again...well as calm as they get anyway. I was hoping that with getting older that they'd outgrow this, but it's not looking to be the case. But, boy is it stressful for me. And my Dad is one who does not understand attachment struggles at all...

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