Sunday, June 10, 2012

Showing Love...

I decided that this summer, I was going to do something called "Spirit Camp." We were going to focus on a fruit of the Spirit each week. This week we focused on showing love. Each time I caught one of the kids showing love (all on their own), we were going to write it on the paper on the wall and they were going to get some points towards earning their money. We prayed for increases in love and we colored pages about God being love. This is a few of the ways we showed love to one another this week.... Emma comforted Melina when she was upset Melina shared her crayons with Tracie when the other kids didn't want to share with her Emily was concerned when Melina got hurt (all was ok) Josiah offered to help Tracie finish cleaning up after he was finished and she still wasn't done with her part. (This is HUGE for him). Deidra made cookies for everyone. Deidra put the groceries away for me without even having to be asked. Tracie gave hugs to everyone Emma offered to do chores to help me out when I was busy trying to get everything done and was a bit overwhelmed.

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