Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Melina's First Trip to Six Flags and Deidra's First Concert

Andy took the day off yesterday to participate in the craziness of the day. He put in a lot of hours over teh past couple of weeks anyway, so I think the extra day off was good for him. The littles went to Vacation Bible School and then literally right after that, we had time to quickly feed them and get everyone in their swimsuits and then the littles and Melina had swim lessons. They all loved it and I was proud of them. Josiah wasn't fully listening and would jump in to try to do what the teacher was asking before fully listening to the directions. The teacher was great with them. I really liked him and his wife. After that, we came home to change and we took Deidra and her friend, Audrey, to Six Flags with our whole clan. It took us 2 vehicles to get there, but we made it. It was Melina's first trip there. We went on some rides and then got some dinner before it was time to take the older girls to the concert. While we were waiting for our food, the kids were playing and giggling. Andy and Deidra and Audrey brought the food back and I noticed Josiah hunched over the stroller. I thought he was looking for his water bottle and asked him what he was doing and I got the dead stare back at me and I knew instantly that he was up to no good and he hates it when he gets caught. Andy noticed that he was all wet. He peed himself...never said he had to go to the bathroom or anything. We were sharing plates of food and I wound up having to make it so only he could eat off the one plate. The girls didn't even want him to be by them. He threw a fit and refused to eat. After a few minutes, he finally did eat. We rinsed him off in the misters and then it was time to walk Deidra and Audrey over to go to their first concert, The Wanted. Andy and I took the other kids on some rides. Melina fell asleep and while Emma was tall enough to ride the little Batmobile by herself, Josiah and Tracie weren't. Andy said he'd take Tracie on the ride since Josiah was still wet as a natural consequence. He threw a fit and tried to run off on me and screeched at the top of his lungs when I got a hold of him. Turned around and grabbed his water bottle and he threw it on the ground as hard as he could and just screeched and tried to walk off on me again. I told him that I understood if he was mad at himself...he told me he was mad at me. I told him that I'm not the one that made him have an accident. The thing that gets me is that there was a restroom right on the other side of me...all he had to do was tell me that he had to go. He did eventually pull himself together and we enjoyed the rest of the day. However, if we go again next year, I really am considering leaving him home with a babysitter. This is the 2nd year in a row that we've gone that he's had a complete conniption fit while we were there. We'll have to see how his behaviors go throughout this next year. I just hate how people have to sit and stare when I go through these moments. I've thought about handing out cards to the stares that say what and why we're dealing with this stuff. UGH! Deidra and Audrey had fun at the concert though...it was a first for both of them. I have to say that I really like Audrey too. She's been no trouble since she's been here, she has manners, she's quiet, and she stays with Deidra and she's been helpful. It's a lot more than I can say for anyone else who's come to the house or stayed overnight. I get so tired of telling these kids that they don't have permission to wander into our bedroom or go into Josiah or Emma or Tracie's rooms and that if Deidra's outside, they need to be outside too. I told Audrey she's welcome to come over anytime. She's been here since Friday night and I haven't been bothered by her at all.

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