Wednesday, June 13, 2012

All I can do is pray...

We had a relatively good day. We went and swam at the Y for awhile today. The kids all enjoyed it. I only had to pull Josiah over to do a time-out once because he was jumping all over some other kids and constantly splashing them even when they had asked them to stop. The day was pretty good. Fast forward to dinner...I'm trying to get dinner plated, Andy texted me to let me know that he was running late. Melina had bumped her arm and was hurt and I was trying to ask Deidra if she'd help me out for a minute. Josiah kept annoying her and she started yelling at him. I asked them all just to come up to the table as I was plating their food. I was cutting the pork chops and Josiah got mad because he didn't want to sit in the middle of the girls. Finally got that tantrum curtailed and brought Melina and Tracie their food, and that caused another tantrum as he didn't get his first. He got really ugly acting and I told him to calm down or he was going to be removed from the table. I turned around and brought him his food and I asked him just to quit talking for a few minutes. I turned around to grab Deidra's plate of food and he made a smart-mouth comment to Deidra. I told him that he needed to do a time out which resulted in him throwing his plate across the table. I went to go get him and he shoved the table at me. Deidra went around one side to block him in and I went on the other side to go get him when he picked up a roll and chucked it...totally hit me in the eye. I got him by the wrist and informed him that he was going to his room. He kept throwing himself down on the floor, the front door opened and in walked Daddy. Andy helped me get him to his room and he wound up going to bed without dinner. I usually don't like doing that, but under the circumstances we felt that was the natural consequence since he tossed his dinner all over the place in anger. I don't know why he has this CONSTANT need to be first all of the time, I don't know why everything seems to make him angry. I'm so tired of battling all this anger and seeing everybody get hurt because he has NO self-control. All I can do is pray... Lord, I lift up Josiah to you. I pray that You will speak to his heart and give him a desire to obey and wanting to please others. Most of all, I pray that he will develop a relationship with You and start to live his life for You. Please help him let go of all this anger that he holds inside of him in a good healthy way. Amen



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