Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Behaviors, Behaviors...

it's been a whirlwind of a week. I'm exhausted, the kids are exhausted. I think we're still trying to recoop from Monday...VBS, swim lessons, and the day at Six Flags. SO much behavior is coming out lately. Emily's 7th birthday was on Father's Day. She had a couple of friends over. She still doesn't quite get how to act with other kids. She gets really bossy or she just segregates herself. Or sometimes even she gets mean. She's come a long way and her one little friend is determined that they're going to be friends...she's put up with SO much from Emily ever since they were in kindergarten together. I told Emily that one day she's really going to appreciate Clara. I pray for their friendship too as I just love that little Clara girl. Before everyone showed up, she kept saying "I wonder how many presents I'm going to get." We kept telling her that's not what birthdays are all about and that we didn't like that attitude. All she kept asking for was a new bike. Andy surprised her with it on the front porch and all she said was "ok." Turned around and came back in the house. Andy said "I give up. They're just not grateful for anything." She's always acted rotten on her birthday. I know that can be common for foster/adoptive kids with birthdays and holidays bringing out some stuff. I chose to let it go. Josiah's been having accident after accident. He had another one today behind the closet door. Nevermind there's a bathroom not even 2 feet from the closet. I was mad, but I didn't want to show him that. Got him some new clothes and did his laundry. He threw a fit at swim lessons today all because he couldn't have 5 more minutes. The teacher even told him that he didn't have a spare 5 minutes today because he had to go into work at the university that he teaches at. The teacher had to pull me aside when I went to pick him up at VBS this morning too as he was saying bad words to the kids in the bathroom today. Tracie's been super bossy lately, naughty too, and then she wants to lie about who did it. The thing that really got me though was yesterday during dinner. She didn't want to eat her red peppers or her rice and she was making a mess and whining non-stop. I told her that all needed to get back onto her plate. She continued to behave badly and finally I told her to pick up her plate and come sit by me as it looked like she needed some time by Mommy. She started flailing around everywhere so I got up to help her and enforce what I said. I got over by her and all I could smell was poop. I asked her why I was smelling that and she kept saying she didn't know when I happened to notice that it's all over her hand. I sent her to the bathroom to wash her hands and then I asked her how that happened. She said she didn't know. I told her that I had an idea and if she wanted to hear it. She nodded her head. She's my kid that sticks her hands down the back of her pants and is constantly figeting with her clothes. Add that to going to the bathroom, not wiping, and you can see where it came from. I guess from now on I'm going to have to supervise them in the bathroom...none of them wipe, they lie about washing their hands, and when Tracie does wipe she sticks it in the trash can rather than the toilet. I'm just grossed out. Again, it's one of those things I didn't want to react too as I didn't want the behavior to escalate. But gross! I'm worn down with all the lying and the bad bathroom habits. I'm tired of cleaning up pee and poop. Father, I give my frustrations to you. Please help my children want to clean up after themselves, be sanitary, and be kind to others. Please fill them up with your joy, be loving to others, and give them Your peace. Amen

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Amen. I'm joining your prayer. Hang in there, Mama!

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