Friday, June 22, 2012

Praying for 2 openings at camp for Josiah and Emily

We have a church in the area that watches the foster/adoptive kids to give the parents respite once every 3 months. Yesterday afternoon they sent out an email that they were partnering with some other area churches to do a week long camp for foster children. I had emailed someone yesterday to ask if the kids that had been adopted out of foster care were allowed to attend. The gentleman thought that they just had to have been in foster care at some point and had a history of abuse. He gave me someone to email to check. I heard back from them this morning that they are giving priority to the current foster children, but that if they had openings that they would accomodate them. He asked if he could e-mail me next week. The application is 4 pages long. I asked if he wanted me to send it in now to tentatively hold their spots or wait until I heard back from him. He told me to go ahead and fax them to him now and he'd get back to me in the middle of next week. Lord, I pray that they will accomodate them. I think this would be a good experience for the both of them and with the way Josiah's been behaving lately it would give us a few days of respite too. Please let them both be able to go to camp. Thank you in advance and Amen.

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