Monday, June 25, 2012

It's been one of those days...

We started the morning with hugs, brain gym exercises, and 1 tapping video on being adorable and lovable. Tracie had a meltdown afterwards. I gave her lots of extra hugs and reassurance and we moved onto breakfast. Josiah started whining and throwing temper tantrums over everything. He doesn't want to do this, he doesn't want to do that. We had to go run to the bank and I asked for the playroom to get picked up and to everyone to handle a quarter of the room so we could get out of the house and back before Tracie had OT. The girls were picking up fine, but Josiah just wanted to throw things and whine the whole time. My Father-in-Law was here building shelves in the garage for us and he came in and tried to talk to Josiah. Josiah was just acting uglier and uglier. You can't talk to him, he's 6 and he's right about everything....he refuses to do it your way...he's going to do it his way or it's not going to happen. Anyway, we went to the bank and he started crying that he was hungry, he wanted Starbucks, he wanted went on and on. I told him when we got home I'd feed them lunch. He threw a fit and kept whackign his head onto the seat as hard as he could. I fed them lunch and he threw a fit about everything that was on the plate and when I asked him to pick up his crackers off the floor (2), he threw a fit that it was going to take forever. I told him that if he was going to continue to whine and throw fits that I was going to start treating him like a baby and he was going to go up and take a nap during Tracie's OT. It took my Father-in-Law and I both to get him up to his room and he screamed, stomped on the floor, and kicked the bed and the walls the whole time he was up there. Totally exhausted, but wouldn't go to sleep. I put the movie in once Tracie was done with OT and let him come down to watch it with the girls. I went out to talk to my Father-in-Law about the shelving to have Emma come out and tell me that Josiah was saying that he was hungry and he was on the computer. They're not to get on the computer without permission and I've started not allowing it lately as Josiah clicks all over the place instead of staying on what I tell him to and last time he messed up my computer. I came in with him lying about being on the computer, yet he had someone else's profile open, so I knew he really did do it as the girl's don't know how to do that. Anyway, he threw a whopper of a fit about not wanting to go in time out so I put him in his room. All I can do is pray that God speaks to his heart as only God can change him. All day when he's gotten into trouble, we've prayed to God together. That's all I know how to do. It's just one of those days where he's got me depleted. Demanding, angry, never satisfied...I'm so tired of listening to whining and tantruming every few minutes. Lord, please give Josiah an obedient heart, help him to want to do good and behave, help him have a desire to please others and listen and obey. Help him let go of all of this anger and start to be a happier boy. Help him to want to live his life for you and be respectful of people and to his things. Amen.

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