Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tapping on Being Awesome

We tapped on being awesome today. Emily didn't want to do it. When she finally did, she had a lot of anger come out at the end. I pulled her onto my lap and she had a huge tantrum. When she calmed down, I talked to her about what she was feeling. I strongly believe that they don't believe the good things about themselves. I told her that we have to work on those positive feelings and let the bad feelings go and that's why those are good (even for Mommy) to do each morning after we've had our prayer time and we've done our brain exercises. I told her that I'm not going anywhere and that I will love her during all the mad, angry, mean, happy, sad, all of that stuff. I hugged her and she finally was able to relax and let me love on her and go and play with her siblings after a little while.

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