Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tattling, Whining, Throwing Fits, and Being Bossy

The kids were eating breakfast this morning and as all I listened to were tattling, whining, throwing fits because they weren't getting their food first or fast enough, and listening to them boss one another around, I had a revelation. I'm going to try something new and having them pay 10 cents to the person they're choosing to whine at, and boss around, and for any fit they throw they'll be paying me 10 cents to have to listen to it and they will be going to their room for some bedroom time to take some time out. We already do the bedroom time for fit throwing, but I'm going to try adding some extra consequences and connect the dots for them and see if this will help make some progress. And for any tattling that they do, they'll be paying the person that they're tattling on unless it's for something that is seriously going to get someone hurt. All I hear is crazy tattling all of the time...they'll come interrupt me for some of the dumbest things. So and So has their hand in the air, so and so has a toy (you're allowed to play, why is that a problem?), So and SO is in the bathroom (you're allowed to go to the bathroom if you need to go, why is that something I need to be told), they just have this drive to try and get each other in trouble and I hear it all.

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