Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This thing called anger...

has a real stronghold in this house. Josiah is angry all of the time. Yesterday, he got mad at me for having to go back to his room, he crushed up his food and threw it at me. My Father-in-Law had a hold of him and yanked him up to his room faster than I could get to him. That's the first time my FIL has seen him throw something at me. It's been happening more and more frequently when I have to enforce consequences for his behavior lately. I get angry too, but I have to try and mask it as if I show it it only acts as fuel and he does the behavior more and more. Emma's reacting to his misbehavior and anger and it's fueling her too. Tracie gets upset whenever she wants something and someone else has it and she has to wait her turn. Andy's tired of all the drama all of the time because their behavior doesn't change and it seems like we're constantly dealing with the same things all of the time and whatever we do consequence wise, they don't connect the two to start complying. I woke up this morning and Josiah heard me on the carpet and was instantly out of his room asking to come down, telling me he was so hungry he was about to be sick, the excuses went on and on. All I wanted was some quiet prayer time. I could feel myself getting worked up. It's a choice. I chose to start their day...we ate breakfast, we did our brain gym exercises, and we did our tapping routine...we did it to rid the anger this morning. Afterwards, we prayed about our anger and we discussed a way of dealing with our anger instead of yelling, fit throwing, or hurting people. Emma said we can get a grown up if we're really mad. Josiah said that we can just choose to walk away. Tracie said that we can pray to God. I told them that I liked those answers and I wanted us all to practice that today. We'll see how the day goes.

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