Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Deidra on her First Day of First Grade

Yes, I'm the picture queen today...but I wanted to share Deidra's first day of school pics too. She is loving first grade so far. She came home yesterday telling me all about her music class and how the teacher can play all sorts of different instruments. I am glad to see her loving music just as much as we do and I hope that she learns to play an instrument too one day...but it was fun to see how animated she got over it...of course she crushed Daddy too as she told him that the music teacher could play better than he could...she apologized later...but Andy took it well. We still think Andy's pretty talented...maybe one day we'll play some french horns again...we keep thinking about it. :-) Anyway, school exhausts her and she came home last night and took a huge nap. She's doing well and I'm excited for her. I love hearing her talk and talk about school...she loves her teacher and she's making new friends too and she's been seeing some of her old ones at recess and at lunch time. I think the boys miss her when she's at school...their faces light right up when she comes to the car to get in when we go pick her up and when I tell them that it's time to go get her they both just run to the door. She hugs on them a lot too once she gets home. But, she left today all excited that I gave her popsicle money so she could get a popsicle after she ate her lunch. They do the lunches differently now that they're a bit older and she was so excited to see that they had choices now...and they can buy snacks as well if they want to. It's so funny to listen to her talk about everything...she can talk and talk and's too cute, but I really am excited that she's so happy and excited to be back at school.

Deidra showing off her new backpack...

Deidra in her new dress...and new tennis shoes that Grandma got for her...



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