Monday, August 27, 2007


Abba, I just wanted to come and say a few thank you's. :-)

Thank you for my wonderful husband and for the wonderful job that you have given him. I pray that he always has job security there and that it will continue to be a wonderful place for him to work.

I thank you for my beautiful daughter and for her wonderful heart that she has. I pray that she will always be loving and willing to share her heart with others.

I thank you for my little foster sons, J and D, who couldn't be more sweet. I pray that they always know how much we love them and with all the best for them.

I thank you for our new home and I pray that we will always be safe there and always have the financial means to provide for it and that our family will always be blessed living there and that any visitors that we have there will be too.

I thank you for always watching over us and blessing us. Thank you, Abba, for your blessings and we pray that our family will always have your blessings today and everyday.

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