Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I love to be pampered...

I saw on Lisanne's blog ( how she had entered the Pamper Me Contest. You just have to blog about what you do to pamper yourself and what you do to make yourself feel good or if you often forget to take care of yourself you can blog about that too or even helping to pamper someone else. The prize is a cute little set from The Scented Tub. They’re randomly choosing a winner from every blog entry that they receive.

So...on to my pampering story.

I have always loved to play in the bathtub even as a little girl. I used to love to take bubble baths even in high school. When I started college, between working full-time and going to school full-time I had to switch to just showers but in times of stress, I'd always make the time to take a hot bubble bath.

Once I had my daughter, shower time just became a 5-minute shower and I maybe only take a bubble bath once every season change. I like to take them when I'm sick as well or if I'm really cold and can't seem to warm up. I love getting new shower gels and whatnot at the store though and love to use those in the shower. If I'm feeling down or just want an extra pick-me up I'll get my scented lotions out and cover myself in them. I love smelling extra good, but I don't spend a whole lot of time doting on myself.

We became foster parents at the end of May and one big thing that I really like to do now for a stress reliever is go through the drive-through for a big Starbucks frappuccino, but the kids down for their naps and sip on my frappuccino while I do some digital scrapping (you can see some of my digital pages here on my blog). I've paper scrapbooked ever since I got married and my daughter has a zillion scrapbooks, but now that we're fostering too to hopefully add to our family through adoption, I want to do books for them too and I just don't have the time to paper scrap for all of them and so I digiscrap on the computer. It relaxes me and gives me a creative outlet.

I am also big on candles...I love highly scented ones and when I'm cleaning the house, I'm known to have one going. I also love to light them at night or when I'm stressing out and just take the scents in. It relaxes me for some reason.

I am also an avid reader, however I don't make nearly enough time for it anymore. My one time that I do read each week is while my daughter is in gymastics class and I have an hour to wait for her...I read away and a time that I look forward to each week.

I also love to have my feet tickled and rubbed lightly and my husband and I often do that for one another at night while we're on the couch watching tv before bed.

I often put everyone else before myself...and although I try to make time for mysel feach day...I don't always succeed. I guess I need to make a challenge for myself and do that each day.



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