Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh my...

The program administrator just called again. My heart jumped again as it's not like him to call. He asked me if our house was nice and calm and I said "yes, although J had been sick over the weekend." He asked me if I'd like some more chaos and asked me if I wanted twins who were 4 months old. I told him that right now car space was my only issue, but I could see if I could figure out a way to get 3 carseats in the backseat. He said that the e-mail was kind of confusing and he couldn't tell if they were boys or girls so he was going to call them back and find out for sure. He called me back a minute later and said that the boys had just been placed in Dallas. DARN! He said he'd find something for us very soon and we talked for a bit. He really likes us and thinks we are a great home! He told me to quit being nervous when he calls.

Abba, please bring us another baby soon....



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