Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Baby D's Family Court Hearing

Well, my caseworker and told me about court yesterday. Broke my heart. One of the siblings (the older sister) has a different father that got custody of her, so her time in foster care is over thankfully. The two younger ones have the same parents so it looks like they'll be in care for awhile with the revealings yesterday. Not even everything was mentioned or testified about. Anyway, there was brief talk about placing D with his older brother (they're half brothers), but the CASA worker wants to place D with his other sister whom he shares both parents with. I went ahead and told my caseworker that I was willing to take the sister to keep the siblings together and she said that she'd bring it up, but since she already had a place to stay she didn't know if they'd move her just yet. So, I guess I said what I would do and have prayed about it and now we'll wait and see what happens. I thought sicne the CASA worker wanted that to happen, that it would be a done deal, but I guess not. I hope that Baby D will get to stay though. He is such a sweet little boy.

Abba, I pray that Baby D will get to stay with us and I pray that his sister will get to come stay with him too. Your will be done! I lift these children up to you, Abba, and I pray for Your Blessings over them!

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