Friday, August 31, 2007

New business venture?

Well, we're going to register a business and get a sales tax license. I have fallen in love with the candles that we did for Deidra's Pee Wee Cheerleading fundraiser and in further talking with the lady about them and prices and all the scents, I am going to go foward with it. My gourmet foods sell themselves and I easily make quota now with just internet sales...I am talking about maybe doing a few craft sales and I think the candles will sell themselves as well. They smell great and are very cute and the people that bought them through the fundraiser have raved about them I think they'd go hand in hand at a craft fair and my Mom has agreed to do them with me. I told Andy that I only see myself staying at the Depot until the end of the year and doing the craft fairs will give me a break from everything too and I think they'd be fun to do. I'm going to start out with a handful of scents and include 4 fun Christmas ones and take it from there.

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