Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Deidra will be changing schools next year...

Well, I called her current school's office and asked to keep her where she is next year even though when we moved we technically became part of another school's district. I didn't get anywhere with them, so I called our ISD's administrative office. Didn't get anywhere with them either, so I wrote the super intendant. Didn't get anywhere with him either, however, I did find out that some of the elementary schools are going to be offering kindergarten on their campuses, so all the kids won't be going to the kindergarten campus anymore. Her new school is one of the ones to offer kindergarten. So, that makes me feel better about trying to get her and any other foster children we have that are in kindergarten to school on time on two separate sides of the city.

I broke the news to her that she would be switching schools next year and she started crying. However, I went out and timed it to see how long it would take me to take her to school (it's a 10-15 minute drive one way depending on traffic)and I showed her the new school. She thinks it looks weird. But, after talking to her neighborhood friends here in our subdivision, they're happy that she's transferring and so she's coming around to it. She still wants me to check into homeschooling her. I'm praying about it. There's a new student tour in June as well so I'm going ot take her there too. We'll pray and weigh our options.

I think if we wind up sending her to the new school though and I have any other problems with the school district, that's going to be it and I'll pull her out. Of course, my Mom brought up sending her to the catholic school and I said that was too expensive. I was considering sending her to a school that homeschools 3 days a week and goes to classes on campus twice a week. Mom said, "well, that's not Catholic and the further you get away from your faith, the harder it's going to be to get back in." I understand that, but at the same time public schools aren't Catholic the last time I checked and that's where all of us kids went too.

I am considering letting her go to public school, but teaching her here at home the things she would get out of a private Christian school more of the bible teachings and that sort of thing. I just don't know where to start, do they have Bible curriculums at homeschool stores?

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Blogger Lacey said...

*Most* homeschooling curriculum is faith based but not all. Abeka is an excellent program if you can afford it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abeka is great, but is expensive, just like Lacey said. But you can do an alternative: Abeka's first grade bible curriculum is:$292.45, the next year is $281.65, the next is $274.25. And thats just for the Bible Curriculum. But what you could do is just buy the individual Grade Bible Curriculum $15. and then buy 36 Traditional Roman Catholic Hymns Book and CD for Singing for $18 online. And then run to College Street Book store since you live in Waxahachie and pick up their small Deluxe Bible Story Flannel Graph Set for $169.95 this comes with 400 scenes that illustrates Old and New Testament Stories Comes with 600 figures and objects, 3 flannel graph boards, 4 overlays, teachers manual with 182 stories and a filing system. You would be set for the rest of your Bible Teaching years for only $202.95. You wouldn't have to buy 12X16 flash cards from Abeka that are not as interactive as flannel graph. And you wouldn't have to buy the stuff every year. Just the grade level curriculum for $15.

Hope this helps.

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