Saturday, April 26, 2008

I just don't get her sometimes...

Little J is a habitual liar, but it's usually about little things...

I went to pick her up from her visit yesterday and the CASA worker came out early before everyone else to have time to tell me what was going on.

She told her parents that we took her to see her sister and that we locked her sister in the trunk while we were down there. I was floored! She said the Dad never said one word during the whole visit, but when he heard that he wanted an answer about if we did that and why. She said that the she (CASA worker) and the transporter just laughed about it. They knew it never happened.

1. I don't even know where the sister lives...just a general area (city).
2. I don't know their last name or anything to even look it up.
3. We didn't take her down there.
4. I would never do anything like that.

The parents came out giving me the evil eye. I told them when Baby D's pictures were going to be in and they left. Little J came out totally scowling and she got in the van with a scowl on her face. I put the kids in the van and told Andy to buckle them in while I ran to talk to the CASA worker. I asked her if I should report that right away as I didn't need a false allegation or the dad bringing that up in court. She told me not to even worry about it and if it came up in court (he's done that to me twice now over stupid crap) the workers would all be there to inform the judge that it never happened.

Well, I left a voicemail for my caseworker at my agency letting her know what happened, but it scares me that she could make up just the right story and we'd have a full-fledged investigation on our hands. I asked her why she lied like that and she swore up and down that she didn't say that. I asked her again and told her that she could ruin someone's lives over lying over something like that. She wouldn't look at me, but swore again that she didn't say that. I finally said well, I heard it from someone that wouldn't lie to me, Little J, so I know that you said it. Finally, she said that she did say that but she said that her sister's step-dad was the one who locked her in the trunk. Maybe, I misunderstood wrong when the CASA worker told me about it on who she said it was, but I told her that the wrong lie could get someone severely in trouble. Deidra picked up on that right away and said that she didn't want to be taken away just because someone lied about us.

We were taking the kids to Chuck E. Cheese last night for Baby J's birthday and Andy didn't even want to take her. It was too short notice for us to find someone that could take her. I thought about asking my Mom to sit with her for a couple of hours, but she doesn't like doing it unless we REALLY need her for the risk of any allegations that she would be held accountable for and I knew if I told her why we needed a sitter, she wouldn't do it, and I can't say that I blame her. She wound up being able to go, but she missed out on privileges.

With a lie like that, these next 4 weeks until she goes home are going to make me really nervous. She could really ruin our lives if she wanted to. And what makes me more mad as I think about it is that the CASA worker and the transporter who was supervising the visit laughed about it. To me, that's no laughing matter. I wish I could make her see that lying is wrong, but everyday we deal with this. We've never dealt with it to this degree, but it really makes me nervous now that we're down to her last month in care that she's told a lie of this degree. It makes me wonder, what else is she going to say and why??

Andy told me last night after the kids went to bed that he's nervous too. It makes me sad to say it, but if we didn't have to give a 30 day notice to have her moved, I think I'd move her. As far as she's come and all, she just doesn't get that you can lie about someone in just the right way and it can totally ruin their live and everyone else's that they totally love and care about. This is the side of foster care that I don't like.

Abba, I pray for your protection over us and to keep us away from any allegations or investigations during the rest of Little J's stay and always. I'm nervous, but I put it all into Your hands.

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