Sunday, April 27, 2008

Took Baby J to see his mom today.

His mom greeted me with a big old hug and then she went out with me to the car to get Baby J(I wasn't sure if I had the right building on campus at first so I didn't bring him in with me right away). She met the family and she had a question for us...she wanted to know if it would be ok with us if her Mom and her took him with them to the fair today. I figured that since the mom was going to be there, she could supervise and Andy and I didn't have a problem with it. She told us when they'd be back and everything and I brought his car seat in for her. We got in the car to head back and all of a sudden it hit me that I better double check with my caseworker on that so I didn't ok anything that ws going to get ME in trouble. I called her and she said that we couldn't do that as if she chose to run with Baby J that would come back on us. The only way she could leave the grounds with him is if they had staff to go with her that would be with her at all times. So, I had to go back and tell her. I told her that I'd let her stay there with him until 3 (the time she was going to have him back) and I got to meet her mom and her uncle as well. They were fine with ordering in some food and making the best of it, her uncle said it was more important that she got time with him, which I agreed with. However, she told me to come back in an hour to get him (we dropped him off at 10). I asked her over and over again if she was sure and she said yes. I felt bad for her, but at the same time I was mad that she was thinking of herself over getting to spend the time with Baby J. I went back at 11:30 to get him (I figured I'd give her some extra time) and Baby J came running to get to me. I handed him back to his mom and he immediately reached for me again so she just gave him to me. The uncle showed me a little video clip of him that he took and his mom didn't even know that he had played the piano. I looked at the uncle and he said that she was in talking to her mom for most of the visit and the uncle was walking around with him. That kind of made me mad, but whatever. He said his good-byes and they all walked us out to the car. He gave them all kisses good-bye and the uncle thanked me over and over for taking such good care of him and for everything. His mom buckled him in and then said she was going to start crying. I hugged her and she told me thank you for bringing him and wanted to know if I could talk to her CPS worker to see if she could take him off the campus by herself. I told her I would and I came home and emailed her, but I'm not thinking they're going to let her as she is strictly only supposed to be allowed supervised visits.

I still don't think that Baby J really understands that is his mommy. I really wish his mom would have taken advantage of the time that she could have spent with him today and my heart breaks a little for him that she cut their visit short because she only thought of what she wanted today.



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