Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's been in the high 90s and it just does NOT feel that hot!

We've been in Texas for 2 years now (May 1st marked our 2 year anniversary of being down here. It's been around 95 all week and I was just telling my Mom on Sunday when we were out and about is either we've really gotten used to living down here or the humidity is different than it was last year because it does not feel that hot to me at all. Last year, in the high 90s, I was in the a/c as much as possible and we didn't do much at all outside. This year, we've been out doing yardwork and taking walks and all sorts of stuff and it just doesn't feel that hot to me. I never said anything to Andy about it and we went out to run a few errands last night and Andy said "I must be used to Texas now and lost my MI blood because it's 98 outside and it just doesn't feel all that hot to me." I started laughing and said that I had just said something similar on Sunday to my Mom. Don't get me wrong, it's warm, but that weather in MI would have me feeling sick to my gets hotter here than up there obviously and it just doesn't seem to be phasing me.

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