Friday, June 06, 2008

Poor Baby J...

I took him to the doctor yesterday and he was diagnosed with protracted diarrhea. His bottom is so raw, and the pharmacy is out of Nystatin until this afternoon sometime. I'm just waiting for them to call me saying that the perscription has been filled. Anytime he goes potty, he will cry and tell me "Mommy, poopy, poopy." He will scratch at his diaper to get it off right away. If he wasn't a poop smearer, I'd let him go to bed without a diaper on, but I know if I even try he's going to have it smeared all over himself, his bed, the floor, and all the walls. I just cleaned up diarrhea off his carpet in his room the other day and I'm not in a big hurry to do it again. Back in footed jammies he is. Turning them around backwards is my only saving grace. UGH!

We just got back from Wal-mart and he's eating some fruit that I was reluctant to give him, but he just screamed for it (oranges, strawberries, and apples) and wanted it so badly that I couldn't resist giving him some. He wolfed it down. I know he's probably getting sick of his bland diet...his appetite is still poor. I just keep him drinking his pedialyte and give him water when he's napping or down for the night.



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