Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Mommy brag on Deidra...

I just have to brag on my baby girl a minute. I was bummed that we couldn't be at her awards ceremony yesterday, but she got a free Six Flags ticket for reading, she won an advanced reading award (she's already reading where she should be at the end of 2nd grade), and she won an award for being an all A and B student. She's bummed because she got all A's the first semester. I told her if she keeps getting high marks like she has been maybe she'll find that this marking period she'll get her all As back. That 3rd marking period is the one she started bringin home Bs in, but I told her that's still great. I'm very proud of her and how well she's doing. She's done with school on Friday and she's anxious to start her summer vacation.



Blogger Lacey said...

WTG Deidra!

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