Friday, May 23, 2008


Little J needs a baby picture for school next week. The parents brought us all that they had (maybe 5-7 total) and Little J picked the one that she wanted (her newborn hospital pic). I promised the parents that I would make sure that all the pics got back to them. I took the pics up to Wal-mart today to make copies and some stupid guy saw me holding them in line and went and told his manager and we were told that we couldn't copy them because they were professional pictures. I explained the situation and said that it's not like we were trying to make portrait packages or anything, we just wanted one copy of each picture. They told us that they legally couldn't let us do it without the photographer's permission. Andy's going to take them and scan them in so that we can back them up on our computer, but I don't know how we'r egoing to make copies of them so that she has them for school. Not to mention, I want to keep copies here at the house in case she ever does come back into care and she goes up for adoption that we have baby pics here for us or another adoptive home if we don't have the space if they come back into care. It just frustrates me that these people didn't have a heart. Maybe I put more focus on pictures than average people, but you alwayas wonder what you looked like as a baby and so forth and I just want to preserve these for her.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bummer. I'm so sorry. I love pictures of my little ones and think it so important to catch every moment. How more important for a child to have these special treasures when their mommy isn't around to take them. You're doing a super job with those kids!

9:18 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I had a similar problem with my sister's wedding pictures at Sam's Club. I was able to get copies by signing a waiver that put the responsiblity on me in case of any lawsuits in the future. Maybe they have something at your Walmart that you could sign? I think it is ridiculous that you couldn't get a picture.

6:14 PM  

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