Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Mom had dinner with a...

My Mom just called me from down in San Antonio. Her and my aunt went to dinner (my aunt flew in from MI to watch her take her vows tomorrow) and all of a sudden my aunt says "Oh my gosh..." My Mom turns around and there right behind her inside the window is a big brown hairy tarantula. They were freaking out. She went and got the waiter and the waiter came and scooped it up with his bare hands and put it in a jar. The spider climbed out and the guy picked it up and let it crawl up his arm before he took it outside to throw it into the yard. My aunt had the heebie jeebies. Mom had to call me right away and tell me. She's always saying spiders don't bother her and so I asked her if she at least got up when she saw it. She said "oh yeah, you should have seen how big he is. Wait until you see the picture Aunt Bettie took." They were laughing and Mom said "yeah, if you would have been here you would have been screaming." I told her "if I would have been with you, you wouldn't have gotten me to sit down and finish dinner." lol



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