Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Prayers for our family...

I pray that my Mom has a good visit with her sister this weekend. I pray for my brother as he turns 18 this weekend, which is also the same day that my Mom is taking her vows to become a 3rd order nun.

I pray for Andy as he is such a good and caring husband and father. Sometimes his patience runs thin, but whose doesn't at times. But give him your blessings, Abba, and I pray and hope that he'll always know how much he truly means to me and this family. I pray that he'll always have job security where he works and that he'll always have good rapport with them. He is very blessed where he works.

I pray for Deidra that she will always be my sweet little Deidra. I've seen her get some spunkiness lately and I don't like her attitude sometimes. I pray that you will watch over her and always keep her safe and give me the guidance to nip her attitudes and mouthiness in the bud.

I pray for Baby J and his Mom today. He really is such a sweet baby boy although a bit agressive at times. However, he's been a little more on the agressive side lately than I'd like to see and I pray for lots of love and guidance there for him and I so that we can get him back to being the sweet little boy that he is and curb this agression that he seems to be showing lately. I pray for his Mom too and I truly hope that when we go to court in October, that we'll all do the right thing by this little boy. We still desperately want to adopt him and hope that he can be in our family forever, but I know that only You truly know what is best for him. I continue to put it into Your Hands, Abba.

I pray for Baby D and Little J as they prepare to go home. We're going to tell them in play therapy that their sister isn't coming home with them and I truly hope and pray that you'll be with Little J and give her peace and comfort when she finds out. I truly think that she's going to flip out. She's got conflicting emotions when she talks about going home. On one hand, she wants to go home and be with her parents and on the other hand, she doesn't want to leave us either. Baby D has had little temper outbursts too that I couldn't figure out what was going on until my caseworker asked if Little J had talked about them going home in front of him. That's got to be what is causing them. So, I pray for peace and comfort for them over the next couple of weeks as they prepare to go home at the end of the month. I also pray for their parents and grandma that they'll be able to give the children everything that they truly need and that the children will only know peace, love, trust, and comfort when they go back home.

I also pray for our home...that it will always be a place of peace and comfort love and protection for anyone who walks through our front door. I pray that we'll be allegation and investigation free during our time of foster care. We ask for your blessings, Abba, for our family. We thank you for all that you have done for us and will continue to do for us.

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