Saturday, May 10, 2008

Little Prayer Request for Deidra

Keep Deidra in your prayers if you will that nothing becomes of this.

A few days ago Little J told Deidra that she was fat. I was quite upset when I heard about it, but I know that Little J has self-esteem issues and she herself has put on a little weight since starting some of her medications...she always seems to be hungry. Anyway, I talked to Little J and told her that we don't say things like that to people and she said she was just trying to be funny. I told her that regardless, it still can hurt people's feelings and if she wouldn't want that said to her, she didn't need to be saying it to anyone else.

Well, we thought Deidra's appetite had just been down since she has been sick. Last night, she was eating dinner (chicken and broccoli...which she loves) and she was trying to give her food to Little J over eating it. When Andy scolded her, she kept trying to say that she was full. She had only eated a couple bites of each thing. It came out later that she was worrying about Little J telling her she was fat and she didn't want to be fat.

She is tall and skinny, not in the least bit fat...she's beautiful (if I do say so myself) and when Andy heard what happened he really got upset. He told her that she didn't need to be listening to people saying that stuff and after we put Little J to bed we both sat down and had a serious talk with Deidra. She didn't need to worry about anything and that usually when people say mean things to someone, they're only trying to make themselves feel better. But, we wanted her to start eating again and quit worrying about it.

I noticed at breakfast this morning (she asked for McDonalds and Andy ran and got her what she wanted) that once again she only ate a couple of bites of her egg mcmuffin before she wanted to save her food.

I really just pray that she lets this go and will quit thinking that she's fat. It scares me too that I heard on the radio the other day that eating disorders can start this early. So, I pray that she lets this go.



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