Friday, May 09, 2008

Couple Prayer Requests

Abba, I have a couple of people I'd like to lift up in prayer today.

Andy's step-father's son, Tim, is really sick. He's suffering from pneumonia and has some heart problems. Apparently his heart has stopped twice since Friday and he's rittled with cancer too. The doctors are only giving him 6 months to live. I pray that you comfort him during all this and that you are with him and the family and that you give them comfort and peace during this time. I pray that you will heal him from his current sickness so that he can enjoy the rest of his life here on earth. We were having flowers sent to Andy's mom today for Mother's day, but found out last night that they're leaving today to fly to MI to see Tim. It sounds stupid with everything else going on, but please let the flowers be delivered before they have to leave today so she can enjoy her flowers a little bit rather than come home to dying flowers on her doorstep. I tried to modify the order after we found out, but they won't modify any orders placed within a couple of days of MOther's day due to them being so busy with placing orders.

My dear friend Cindi, just found out that her Grandma may have cancer of the bowel. She's going through surgery today to remove the tumor. I pray that she will be cancer free after surgery and that you will heal her today.

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