Monday, May 05, 2008

My poor baby girl...

Deidra was sick last weekend with a fever of about 100 and she had a cough and a runny nose. I sent her to school Monday since she was feeling a bit better. She seemed totally back to normal by Tuesday. Thursday night, the fever was back and she was coughing really hard to the point of making herself throw up and she said her ear was bothering her a little bit. I kept her home on Friday from school. This weekend she was feeling fine, although she still has a bit of a cough. She got up this morning saying that her stomach hurt, but she said she felt ok to go to school. I gave her some pepto-bismol before school with some tylenol. The school called at 10 saying that she felt like she was going to throw up and she was asking to go home. I went and got her. She's running a fever again of 100.2 and says her stomach hurts. I'm so tired of the sickies going round and round.

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