Saturday, May 03, 2008

Major Household Duty Day...

Well, Baby J didn't want to listen at all today and got to throwing his tantrums, I got smacked in the face and scratched, so I put him in his room. He got a bit too quiet and so I went to check on him. He had torn the shelf in his room down that held his diaper wipes and diaper cremes and had started to throw his wipes all over his room and so I made him pick them up. Moved the diaper changing table to the opposite side of the room so he can't climb it to get into anything and then I took everything out of his room for Andy to fix when he gets home as no matter how many times I tried I couldn't get that shelf hung back up.

Baby D went down for his afternoon nap and the girls both decided after they put a basket of their clothes away that they were bored. I told them they'd better find something to do or I was going to do it for them, I have a whole house to clean and put back into shape today. Deidra picked up the playroom and the living room and Little J picked up their room and then the girls decided that they too were going to take naps. Fine with me. I turned on my tunes and cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor and got my little bathroom cleaned up. Now to just go upstairs and vacuum and clean the kids bathroom and our master bathroom and finish up laundry and my house will be sparkly clean.

It's also National Scrapbook Day so I hope to get some scrapping done later too as well as get Little J's and Baby D's scrapbooks put together.

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