Saturday, May 03, 2008

UGH! Men!

So my hubby was asked to come out and fix one of his bosses personal computers. They set it up for this morning. He had to go to work first to get some tools that he needed. On the way to work, someone lost a tire and sent it flying towards Andy which he in turn ran it over. Now the car sounds like a hot rod. He's got a super busy week at work next week, but I told him driving over by DFW probably wouldn't be good for the car if it needs work done on it now. I called a local muffler shop that my Mom recommended and they could fix it if he brought the car in now. I call Andy and tell him and he won't cancel on one of his bosses. He can't miss any work next week because of how busy they've got and problems that they ran into. I told him why not reschedule the thing with his boss for Monday after work and get the car fixed today. He won't do it. Sometimes he really bothers me with priorities. Yes, I understand not wanting to let your boss down, but it's not like he just didn't want to get out of bed or something, he had car problems on the way in that need to get taken car of and I can't see driving the car around like that for over a week just because you can't take off of work because of how busy you are, when I found someone that can fix the darn thing today. UGH!

Oh well, the kids don't want to listen today either, so why should he??

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