Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Peanut...

My poor little peanut wasn't feeling very well earlier in the week, she was running 100 degree temp one night (Sunday). Monday she was coughing a lot but she wasn't running a fever. I sent her to school and she informed me afterwards that she got to coughing so hard that she threw up at school twice. I got her some long-acting cough syrup and some cough drops and that seemed to really help. So, I thought she just really had some allergy problems as she was sneezing a lot and had a runny nose too. I thought she was coughing due to the drainage in the back of her throat.

Last night, she complained that her ear hurt and she couldn't hear much out of it, but she's not superly complaining and she's not crying about it so I don't think she has an ear infection. I gave her some motrin for it and decided to play it by ear (no pun intended).

Then, she comes home from school today (Thursday) saying that she hurt all over. Yet, she still wanted to play with her friends and so forth, so I didn't really think much of it. We went out to run some errands once Andy came home and she started complaining that she was freezing cold (the rest of us were hot). I felt her head and she felt a bit warm.

Came home and got the boys in bed and Little J in the shower and I was going to go and take Deidra's temp, but Andy was already doing it. Yup, she's running a 101.1 fever. She wanted to take a bath to see if that would help her get warm, so I let her take a bath in our huge garden tub. She took a bath and I tucked her in bed and she was shivering. I didn't want to put too many blankets on her so it doesn't make her even hotter. So, I just threw her baby blanket over top of her too. I told her I was going to keep her home from school tomorrow but that she was going to stay on the couch and stay down for the day.

As I was tucking her in bed she whispers to me "Mommy, I'm just glad I get to stay home with you. I like it when you take care of me when I'm sick."

Here I already was feeling guilty that she keeps seeing me making page after page for Little J and Baby D's scrapbook so that I have them ready when they go home and I've only made a couple for Deidra's book. I took the kids to Michael's tonight to pick out their scrapbooks so that I could load their pages into them and Deidra desperately wants to pick one out for her. I told her that after Baby D and Little J go home, I plan on really trying to catch her up and if I can get their books caught up this weekend then maybe I can work on hers sooner. She wants to help me make her book, but I don't have the time to paper scrap anymore. She asked me if she could learn how to digi scrap. I can see it now...I'm going to have to have Andy build her her own little laptop so she can sit next to me and we can crop together.

I looked at her last night and couldn't get over how grown up she's starting to look. The boys seem to gravitate to her sometimes and that sooo makes me nervous. I'm so not ready for that yet.

She's so sweet too, they got a new student and he sits by her in class. He's been there for probably a couple of weeks now. He asked her if she'd be his friend and she said yes and I guess he told her he was in foster care yesterday. She gave him a hug and told him about how we are a foster family and she has a foster sister and 2 foster brothers. She told me all about the little conversation that they had. I just thought she was so sweet to him about it. God gave her such a big heart, I hope she is always like this.

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