Saturday, May 03, 2008

In honor of National Scrapbook Day...

I put Little J and Baby D's scrapbooks together for them and we sat down and looked at them with them. Little J's eyes just lit right up and she was so excited about it. Baby D just kept saying "that's me, Mommy, that's me!" I was thrilled that they liked them so much, I just hope their family doesn't throw them out or anything.

We also pulled my scrapbooks out of the tote in the garage and Deidra wanted to look through hers....well we only made it through 3 of them. I am SO glad that I scrapbook when I looked back on some I had totally forgotten some stuff and was so glad that I had it there on a layout and I had journaled about it. Deidra totally got a kick out of seeing herself as a baby and a toddler too. It was nice to ponder through her books and see how totally cute she was at different stages and we even looked back on her terrible 2s and the tantrums she'd throw (yes, I have pics and it's all documented in her book).

I don't have time to paper scrap anymore, but I'm glad that I kept going digitally. It still get the story down and she'll always have her books to help her hold her memories. I always worry about that when I think about how young I was when I lost my's important to me to get Deidra's life documented so if anything ever were to happen to any one of us, she always has those books to help her to see that she was loved. I think that's always something I'll struggle with with losing my Mom so young and wondering about so many things. My Mom took lots of pictures for me, but I don't have the journaling to go with it...I wish that all would have been recorded too to help me remember or to help me know the type of person that she was. That's part of the reason that I think it is so important to scrapbook for my family.

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