Thursday, May 08, 2008

What an hour and a half!

I took Deidra to the doctor. Both the boys were crazy, Baby D wouldn't stop whining that he wanted a popsicle and Baby J was way past the overtired stage and was throwing fit and after fit and scratching me and slapping me when I wouldn't let him down. Deidra had the chills and zonked out on the doctor's table. We waited forever and the doctor came in to see her. Took a look at her and said "I can tell you just from looking at the stuff coming down her throat that she's got a nasty sinus infection." She gave her some amoxicillin and said that in a day or two she should be feeling a lot better. She handed me the script and said that I looked really tired myself. I told her that I thought Deidra had something viral as I thought I had caught what she had. She told me she thought I needed to get myself into the doctor. I'll ride it out a few more days...

Now, I've got all the kids down for a nap and I'm sitting here pondering do I catch up on some scrapbooking and enjoy the peace and quiet or do I try to lay down myself.

Oh, and just before we went to the doctor I got my period (I was a week late and was wondering what was going on) and I have the most horrendous cramps I've had in a long time. Just what I wanted for Mother's day.

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